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Please note that this page contains time sensitive data as of October 2014 pulled directly from Google.


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I am glad that you have decided to take a second look into the performance of your AdWords campaign.

You are on this page because of two possible reasons:

Since AdWords is Google’s primary product and source of revenue, more often than not, they will hide relevant information from you in order to keep spending your budget!


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Let’s Take a Look at How Much Can Just One Bad Keyword Spend in One Year

Bad Keyword Monthly Search Cost Per Click Money Lost!
bathroom remodel ideas 14,800 $3.88 $13,781.76
home theater furniture 1,600 $2.83 $1,086.72
how to replace a window 2,900 $6.27 $4,363.92
kitchen remodeling ideas 5,400 $3.47 $4,497.12
landscaping ideas 40,500 $1.23 $11,955.60
painting ideas 9,900 $2.47 $5,868.72
plumbing school 1,300 $12.75 $3,978.00

If you are asking if your AdWords campaign’s issue can easily be resolved – the answer is yes. This is how:

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